Wednesday 20 November 2013

1.Filter Gallery, Texture, Texturizer.
Lets start with simple texture of tarmac. 
The trick is to create small size texture that will not look like its repeating it self on big surface. 
It is simple to achieve with with Photoshop and its Filter Gallery.    

Let's start:

Create small size file, let's say 480x480 pixels and paint it gray or any color your road is going to be.

Then, get any picture of tarmac. I recommend to do it yourself. It really can be any picture of road outside of your house :) I did mine in Wicklow  mountains near Dublin Ireland.

Next save your tarmac picture as Photoshop file .psd

Now you have base of your texture.
Go to your plain gray texture and open Filter Gallery.

Then go to 
and small icon
-Load Texture

Choose your tarmac.psd file and click Open.
Adjust your scaling, relief and light filters

and there you have your texture that you can clone and copy to any size you want and it will not look like it's made from small square. 
Texture below is double size it was before and with Clone Stamp Tool you can make it any size you need.

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