Sunday 8 December 2013

7.Road sides finish touch

When we have our texture of tarmac ready we can finish it with sparkle of sand on the sides. 

Here you have random texture of sand. You can FREE DOWNLOAD High Quality Image in the link below.

Copy and Paste it into your Tarmac image. Pres CTRL+T to free transform. Grab top corner and by holding SHIFT rotate image by 90 degrees. 

Choose Move Tool(V) and by holding ALT duplicate Layer to cover both sides of the road. You should get few new Layers depending on size of your Texture.

Select all Sand Layers, Right click on it and select Marge Layers. That will create one Layer witch will be easier to edit.

Chose Brush Tool(B) and set hardness to about 30-40 percent or download custom brush below.

Now create Layer Mask on sand image and cover edges of that texture to blend it with asphalt.

Adjust Hue and Saturation till you get color you desire. 

Now you have texture that you can cover your road.

Cool Tip.
You can change your sand into, for example snow simply by changing saturation and brightness.

As always you can FREE DOWNLOAD sample file below.

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